Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Australian Stock Saddles

This is what I have been looking for!

The only 'Dressage Position' Australian Stock Saddle

Designed with help from a top dressage rider, the HP Swinging Fender Australian Stock Saddle is the ONLY one for sale in the UK that will automatically put you in the correct Ear/Shoulder/Hip/Heel position for balanced riding. All other Australian Stock Saddles have the stirrup bar placements too far forwards making the correct position difficult, if not impossible and forcing you into a 'Chair Seat'.
  • They keep you MUCH safer and more secure in the saddle!
  • Invaluable for nervous riders, green horses and spooky horses
  • Protect the horse from the problems caused by unbalanced riders - sore backs, sore mouths and Veterinary issues
  • 4 Trees - Standard (narrow), Medium, Quarter Horse (wide), Clydesdale (extra wide)
  • ALL Australian Stock SADDLES will be Special Order and are handmade to measure both to the horse AND the rider, so allow 4 weeks from order to shipping
  • You can pick your personal design modifications, colours, materials, tooling, etc.
  • Fibreglass tree with innovative 'HP' additional features (cannot disclose due to competitors copying his intellectual Property) 
  • Ideal for Polocrosse.
Australian stock saddle swinging fenderAustralian stock saddle with English jockey flaps - brown - suede seatSwinging Fender Australian saddle, brown and tan
Half breed model. This is the most popular design.
You can choose your own design, colours, leathers, suedes, roughouts etc. as well and only £770 delivered!
Australian saddle brown and tan