Wednesday, 25 November 2015

HP Relief Horse Bits - Like Myler, but BETTER.

Horse Bits - HP Relief
Eggbutt Snaffle Horse Bit HP Relief
Hp Relief Eggbutt Horse Bit
, are the best bits I have ever tried.
I have used Myler bits for years, but bought one of these, tried it and could not believe the improvement in the horse's understanding and comfort. Brilliant bits.

Wilkie Horse Bit - HP Relief
HP Relief Wilkie bit
 I liked them so much that all my horses are now ridden in them and I have become the UK Agent for the Brand.
3 Ring Continental Gag - Dutch Gag - HP Relief
3 Ring Continental Gag - Dutch Gag - HP Relief bit

HP Relief Pelham Bit
HP Relief Pelham Bit

Monday, 23 November 2015

Cheap saddles - Made in India - WARNING

Cheap Saddles on Ebay, Made in India - Warning

I have seen the quality of cheap saddles decline over the years, but I was appalled when I took the seat off a new one (that a client bought on Ebay), to check the tree, as it seemed to have bit too much 'give' in it for my liking..

The construction of the saddle is not only one of the worst examples of workmanship and materials I have ever seen, but downright DANGEROUS as well.

These saddles can be bought new for under £150 and are advertised as being top quality, craftsman made.

Make your own mind up:

Indian Saddle Pic 1

Broken cheap, rough wood tree under seat area. The wood is snapped in half and splits for 4" up the tree. On flexing the saddle, the pointed end pokes down and has split the underside of the panel.
Look at the cheap, dreadful quality of the metal used for the tree support! It wasn't much thicker than a tin can and rusty already.

Indian Saddle Pic 2 

The girth strap webbing has tacks sticking out of it. These were supposed to attach the girth strap webbing to the tree, but have missed the tree totally - not that they were long or strong enough anyway to do the job.  The girth strap webbing is in one piece and goes over the top of the tree to the other side.As all the nails have missed the tree on this side, a half-driven in nail on the other side (see photo below0 is the only thing holding the girth strap webbing on at all!! How safe then is the girth!!!

Indian Saddle Pic 3

Note the huge, rough stitching on the underside of the panel - WHERE NO-ONE SEES IT!! Top Quality????
Indian Cheap Saddle Pic 5 

Nails sticking out from the underside of the rough wooden tree. The middle 'split pin' is the tree attachment for one of the front 'D' rings! I can bend the pins up with my fingers! How safe is your hunt breastplate???

Cheap Saddle Pic 6 

The other side of the girth strap webbing. Nail sticking out, not driven into the tree. There should have been several nails to hold the girth strap webbing onto the tree, but only one was present on this side, half driven in. I pulled it out with my fingers!

 Indian Saddle Pic 4

Worst of all. Crack right through the thin, flimsy front metal arch of the tree. This extends to over 2/3 of the width of the arch. Imagine what would happen when it breaks and the 2 metal ends descend onto your horses withers!!

Remember the words of John Ruskin:
"There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey."


Needless to say, my client does not want me to put this saddle back together again.

DON'T be tempted to buy a cheap saddle from Ebay. Buy a Top Quality Saddle instead.