Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fred's stifle ligament splitting - Day 4

Fred's off-hind stifle was catching again this morning. She has always been a lot worse on the off-hind and it was this one that was catching slightly on every stride at walk in the turnout yard.
I lunged her for 10 minutes each way with running reins on at trot. John O'Leary (Horsproblems Australia - brilliant website!) recommends the running reins for stregnthening the Quadruceps muscles which in turn, help 'unhitch' the ligaments quicker off the patella ridge.
It caught about twice and she is 1 out of 10 lame on the off-hind, but she has always been like this. She is so aware of it sticking that she has got into a habit of taking shorter strides, when she goes clockwise, with the off-hind. Anti-clockwise, she is sound and always has been.

No sticking or catching after the lunging, so good news.

I will lunge her again this afternoon, if the weather warms up as it is 1 degree C and blowing a gale now.

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