Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sarcoid cure for horses

Fred also had 2 matching sarcoids, one at the top of the inside of both front legs. One was a flat sarcoid, about an inch across and the other was nodular one about the size of a grape.

I had a horse years ago that developed a sarcoid in the middle of her belly and had it removed by the Vet using the 'Liverpool' cream. It was very expensive and was very painful for her and I vowed to never use it again. She got another nodular one on her fetlock and I tried a £20 cream called 'EQUR' by Gayne Prospero and without any pain, it pulled out completely, root and all, within 3 weeks. I have since used it on other peoples horses and it has never failed to remove them.

This morning, after 3.5 weeks of Equr treatment, I see that the flat sarcoid has gone completely and the nodular one is down to about 2 match heads and is wobbly, so it is about ready to pull out.

Unfortunately, Gayne Prospero is no longer trading and I guard what is left of my Equr very well!

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