Saturday, 25 May 2013

Medial Patella Ligament Cutting - FRED

On 24th May, 2013, Fred had another operation on both stifles. This time, the ligaments were severed completely.
It was done at home as she has become much worse as far as locking is concerned, since the tendon splitting operation in early March, 2013. It was locking at every stride and she could not balance in a trailer or lorry for transport to the Vet as she could not unlock her legs to balance around corners and would have fallen down.
When the stifle was opened, the ligaments were so tight that the Vet had a job cutting them! They had not been too loose at all, but too tight and this had prevented them from releasing the patella! The splitting operation had made them thicker, shorter and even tighter!!!!! No wonder she was WORSE!!!!
So, if your horse has an upward fixation problem, make sure that you find out if the Medial Patella Ligament is too loose or too tight BEFORE you operate to split the tendon!!!

Fred seems a lot more comfortable now and it is wonderful to see her walking around, striding out, no lameness at all and obviously feeling great again.
She has to have 15 to 30 minutes walking in hand twice a day for 2 weeks, then very limited turnout, (20 foot by 20 foot), trotting on week 4 and riding from week 6.

I will keep you posted.

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