Monday, 28 October 2013

Fred goes to a new home.

Fred will never be 100% sound. This is the opinion of both the Vet and myself as after 3 months of strengthening work, she is still 1/10 lame on the off-hind, probably due to a paddock injury 2 years ago which I witnessed. Fred was galloping around and slipped, dragging her off-hind stifle behind her. She got up hopping and came sound after a few strides, but she must have torn something up high as she is still lame after nerve blocking the stifle.

Fred has gone to a 'Happy Hacking' home as she is sound on straight lines but not on an anti-clockwise 20M circle. I gave her away on permanent loan and I am sure that she will be loved and looked after. She is only 9 miles away and I shall visit her often.

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