Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cheap DIY Hay Feeder

Horse Hay Feeder | Cheap | DIY
Horse Hay Feeder Made From A Few Bits Of Wood And A 1 Ton Sand Bag
Used, discarded 1 ton sand bags are everywhere, on every building site, and make ideal hay feeders. Simply make a frame and hang the sand bag over the posts. The one above has been in service now for 2 years, with the same bag.
You can lower a rail on one side if you are feeding horses of different heights.

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  1. This turned out so beautifully. Out west we have this stuff called horse panel -he item shown is the 8' 3-Piece horse or Horned Cattle hay Feeder Open w/Loop Legs - Red, for the Horse Hay Feeder described.. I use it as a kick barrier on the inside walls of my metal barn. horse feeders The hog panel version has 4" x 4" squares. Problem is it only comes in huge sheets. But I think it would work if your lattice idea doesn't.


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