Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fred's stifle ligament splitting - Day 6

Fred was catching again this morning. The off hind almost kicking herself in the belly on every stride. She keeps kicking out on both hind legs though, so something is happening?
I couldn't work her today as I was left on my own in the office (family busines and work from home with a view of the turnout area from my desk) and had to answer phones. The ground was frozen hard all day, so that was another problem.

My Son arrived back to take over, vet came and he too was dissappointed by the sticking stifle. He says to give it another 2 weeks and said to 'up the anti', i.e. increase the excersise. He suggested on the lunge, big circles as it has now been proved here that circle work, on running reins in an outline, is good for rehab. So back to work this morning, 10 mins each side and again this afternoon, 15 mins each side.

On a good note, Emily, the 8yr. old 'Feral' Standardbred that I bought was superbly behaved for her teeth and vacs. She was untouched when I bought her in January and would literally climb the rear walls of the stable when you went in. She had been in a big field with 12 other Standardbreds all her life with virtually no human contact. She has come a long way in a short time and could end up being the quietest horse I have ever had.

Day 7 - Time is 7.15am. Must go and lunge Fred!

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