Wednesday, 13 March 2013

sticky stifles - Day 7

Lunged Fred with running reins for 15 mins each side at trot. She is 1/10 lame still on the off hind anti-clockwise but sound clockwise. Interestingly, she does NOT want to go round clockwise and really objects, trying to turn round all the time and I have to be quite determined with her. This is not like Fred who always tries to be a good girl so, although seemingly sound, it must hurt more?

The stifle was not catching this morning!

I will lunge her again this afternoon.

Emily whinnied to me this morning for the first time and I took her rug off in the arena without her being held or tied up and she stood solid - RESULT!

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  1. Well, so far so good--it sounds like some encouraging news on both fronts! I'll keep hoping . . .


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