Friday, 15 March 2013

Sticking Stifle Ligament - Day 9

The farrier came yeaterday afternoon and trimmed as much as he could from the inner walls of both hinds (high inside walls can even CAUSE sticky stifles, according to that master horseman, John O'Leary ) and squared off the toes to aid breakover.

I felt so sorry for Fred as her off hind was really bad and was completely locking both when behind AND when in front, which I have NEVER seen happen to her before!!
I had to put a rope around her fetlock and haul it up to help her quadruceps pull the ligament off the ridge and it went off like a gun, kicking herself in the belly, when it did. It was the only way as the farrier could not trim her with it locked every which way!

He suggested that I give her today off as he had to rag her around quite a bit yesterday to free it off and she will be very sore today.

Having said that, she was not stuck this morning and was trotting and even cantering around the turnout arena for 20 mins. when Emily was taken out for her morning walk.

Riding continues tommorrow.

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  1. This is so puzzling compared to my experience with Brandy. I could tell when she was sore because she wanted to pace instead of gaiting (pacing is easier--on her! Definitely NOT for me!) However the sticking problem seemed to go away post-op. Her problem, of course, was the cellulitis in the one leg. But it's puzzling how Fred is good some days and not others. I'm sure you must be SO discouraged!


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